Kugoro Clan

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The Essessnce of Ninjutsu

  • I am a ninja. 
  • My parents are the heaven and earth.
  • My home is my body.
  • My power is my loyalty.
  • My magic is my training.
  • My life and death is breathing.
  • My body is control.
  • My eyes are the sun and moon.
  • My ears are sensitivity.
  • My laws are self-protection.
  • My strength is adaptability.
  • My ambition is taking every opportunity with fullness.
  • My friend is my mind.
  • My enemy is carelessness.
  • My protection is right-action.
  • My weapons are everything that exists.
  • My strategy in one foot in front of the other.
  • My way in Ninjutsu.

" To discover the truth, to achieve a higher spiritual state, that is the ture meaning of Ninja."

" The enemy who is against the laws of nature will lose the battle before he begins to fight."

Blow Up
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